Evaluation Process

Course evaluations will be released the last two weeks prior to final exams) and will close the Friday before final exams. 

Students and faculty will receive an e-mail announcement the day the online course evaluations survey period opens, and then reminders every three days until evaluations are completed. You will receive one e-mail per course to be evaluated.

All evaluations are confidential and cannot be traced back to you.

Step 1: Check your e-mail

You will receive an e-mail notification from inviting you to take an evaluation of your class. The course name, number and instructors name will be listed and you will be given a direct link to the evaluation.

Step 2: Take your class or laboratory evaluation

When you select the link in the e-mail you will be taken to the evaluation site, it will say "Class Climate" on the top left corner of the page (Class Climate is the name of the evaluation software). Below that will be the name of the instructor and course that you are evaluating.








To see a sample of what it looks like, select this link. Please note, we've left out the comment section from this sample since each department is interested in different kinds of feedback.

Once you complete your first evaluation you will see a list of evaluations available to take for any other classes you may be taking.


You will receive e-mail reminders every three days until your classroom evaluation is completed. Once you've evaluated all of your classes you will not receive any more reminder e-mails.

Faculty will receive an e-mail in the middle of the evaluation period if the response rate is still below 60%. They will not have any information about who completed the survey and who has yet to complete it, but they will be able to remind the class again about the importance of taking the evaluation.


Do you still have some questions about this evaluation process? If so, please contact us and someone will return your e-mail as soon as possible.